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Reduce the company’s credit risk and get access to capital immediately! Aros Kapital delivers high-grade invoicing financing to its customers at favorable rates. As a customer of Aros Kapital, you gain flexibility through our systems, accessibility through our dedicated team of employees, and the ability to effectively reduce credit risk through digital integrations with automated accounting. Additionally, Aros Kapital offers financing for export invoices. Our product enables improved financial indicators, reduced credit risk, more efficient administration and better access to capital that would otherwise be tied up in unpaid invoices.

Factoring without recourse
Aros Kapital finances the invoice and takes responsibility for the credit risk in cases where your customer is unable to pay the invoice or goes bankrupt.

Factoring with recourse
Aros Kapital finances the invoice, but unlike factoring without recourse, however, Aros Kapital does not assume the credit risk in cases where your customer does not pay. Instead, the invoice is normally returned to you after 15 days from the due date.

Billing service
Aros Kapital offers administration and follow-up of the invoice. As a customer, you receive liquidity for the invoice when your customer pays the invoice to Aros Kapital.


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