How do we ensure
the quality of the fair?

We strive to create the most relevant and significant meeting place possible for the entire electrical and lighting industry. Program items, focus areas, and other activities will be organized in line with the industry’s development and expectations. To ensure that this happens, we have a close collaboration with our Advisory Board.

Mia Bruér

Marketing Manager, Flux

I have 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, where I run Flux AB together with my husband. We currently have 25 people in the company, and we both manufacture lighting and import solutions from a handful of larger European manufacturers. Today, I have dual roles as an active salesperson and as the marketing manager.

Johan Lysholm

Marketing Manager, Installatörsföretagen

In my current role as Marketing Manager, I am responsible for sales, the webshop, membership recruitment, product development, campaigns, framework agreements, and more at Installatörföretagen. I am also involved in the project Elförlaget, which was started in 2008 with the idea of being the publisher for everyone working with electrical and telecommunications technology.

Hans Johansson

Sales Manager, ABB Electrification Sweden

With an education in Mechanical Engineering, I have worked for approximately 20 years at the company ABB. I currently serve as a Sales Manager with a focus on the electrification of buildings.

Billy Fransson & Peter Fransson

Founder, Elektrikerpodden

Billy is 30 years old and currently works as a project manager in Trollhättan but resides in Gothenburg. He has upgraded his electrical qualifications and will contribute with a delightful atmosphere and extensive knowledge of electricity. Peter, 36 years old, has a long history in wholesale, where he worked for about 10 years.

Thomas Wahlberg

Channel Marketing Manager, ELKO AB

I have worked in sales for 23 years, with 17 years at ELKO in roles such as specialist sales in tele/data, then progressing to product manager within technology and control systems. This journey has led me to my current role as Channel Marketing Manager, with a 100% focus on creating the company’s Swedish marketing plan and overseeing its implementation.

Johanna Sturnke

Channel Marketing Manager Professional, Signify

In December 2022, Johanna took on a new role at Signify as Channel Marketing Manager, Professional Trade Sweden. She is responsible for marketing activities targeting the professional lighting channel with brands such as Philips and Interact. Johanna most recently worked at TCL as Marketing Manager Nordics.

Anna Werner

VD, Svensk Solenergi

In October 2019, Anna Werner assumed her position as CEO of Svensk Solenergi, with overall responsibility for the operation and development of the organization. She thus became the association’s first CEO. Anna Werner comes most recently from Villaägarnas Riksförbund, where she was responsible for energy issues. Prior to that, she worked on energy and environmental issues in buildings at the consulting firm ÅF.

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