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Riserless IP technology,
with call service via Cloud.
Up to 1600 calls.
In the same IP system, it is possible to install up to 16 riserless IP
gateways, each gateway can manage calls from 100 apartments and
up to 5 mobile devices (e.g. smartphones) per apartment, which can
simultaneously receive the same call.
Call licenses.
Loading the licenses into the riserless gateway, it allows the audio /
video calls from outer units to mobile devices by Video Door app. The
licences are suppplied with USB keys, by web, mail or into MyVimar
website user area.
User remote control with smartphone and tablet.
The gateway and Video Door app allow the following video door entry
functions from mobile devices: receive calls, activate the outer units or
a CCTV camera from smartphone, activate the outer unit lock, activate
auxiliary services, communicate with the porter switchboard if present,
send and receive text messages from the porter.
Plant manager remote management.
The registrations and access credentials of users and apartments are
managed by the system administrator through View Vimar portal
that enables remote management of multiple systems.
Guaranteed reliability.
The system data is replicated on the different devices, ensuring constant
system operation. Everything is always under control.
Scalability and versatility.
The IP video door entry system was designed to respond in the simplest
way to the needs of all kinds of buildings: from single homes to large
residential complexes.
View Vimar portal,
for the management of
riserless IP systems.
The management, configuration and use of riserless IP video door entry systems takes place through a new
dedicated Web portal and some specific person, which interact with the system: plant manager, installer and user.


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