MAUS Granate 150 – Fire Suppression Grenade

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MAUS Granate 150 is a portable extinguishing grenade that is used as an emergency tool by the Swedish Rescue Service (Räddningstjänsten), the Swedish Police, the Swedish Defense and “first responders”.

MAUS Granate 150 is a very effective tool for fires at an early stage as well as for fully developed fires. The devolpment of the MAUS Granate 150 is based on the knowledge, experience and performance reports of the extinguishing grenades that have been on the market for more than 15 years. To guarantee the functionality an electronic starter and double fuses are used. The unit is waterproof and extremely powerful to ensure complete fire suppression in larger spaces.


– Rapid extinguishing “knock-down” effect.
– Environmentally friendly (ODP* 0%, GWP** 0%).
– Listed with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and SNAP – Significant New Alternatives Policy (Aerosol, SFE).
– Does not remove the oxygen ***.
– Waterproof.
– Electrical activation.
– Designed for A-B-C-F and electrical fires.
– 15 years durability.
– 5 year battery warranty.


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