Designlight Scandinavian AB

Designlight Scandinavian AB

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The lighting company Designlight Scandinavian AB, a wholesale and manufacturing company based in Moheda, was started in 1996 by the couple Björn & Jessica Hultqvist.

The company has developed into one of the leaders in LED lighting. All products are developed and designed by DESIGNLIGHT SCANDINAVIAN AB. Because we develop ourselves and manufactures the products, we have full control over the entire manufacturing process. It should be simple and above all safe to install our lighting. Innovative product series are the result of a good dialogue between electrical professionals and us as a luminaire manufacturer.

We are very careful with the choice of raw materials for our luminaires for longer durability, safety and highest quality. Designlight has a number of own brands where quality and smart solutions for installers and users is a success factor, which has received a great deal of attention in the industry.

Designlight is constantly striving to develop services and products that are customized for the environment. We do this by using renewable resources in such closed cycles as possible and by avoiding the use of pollutants and thereby prevent pollution.




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