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Eldon Installation AB

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A force to be reckoned with
When Eldon Installation’s history took off in Nässjö, in 1922, it was with no other conditions than will, optimism and energy. Today, our mix of lifelong experience and new ideas gives us a hard-to-beat mix of skills. We are passionate about exceeding expectations and believe that the key to success is competent and committed employees. That is why we dare to say that Eldon Installation is – a force to be reckoned with.

Our work contributes to a safe and energy-efficient development of society by delivering electricity distribution systems, low-voltage components and charging infrastructure. We are responsible for the entire process of our products through product development, sales, design, calculation, assembly and delivery. Our work ensures both electrical safety and environmental savings.

Our vision
A leading supplier of electrical equipment for a sustainable society.
Our vision is to be a leading supplier of quality electrical components and innovative solutions in electricity distribution systems. We want to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society and have Sweden’s most satisfied customers.




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