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Axema VAKA information board creates security with adapted and up-to-date information for the residents in the building.

With the Axema VAKA digital information board, you eliminate the risk of hanging notes with important housing information being vandalized and you avoid running into the stairwells to hang notes. Instead, you communicate quickly, easily and securely current housing information when it needs to be displayed. You can just as easily adapt information so that e.g. half the screen shows the current housing register and the other half shows important information to the residents such as joint cleaning days.

Flexibility is one of the main features of the information board and it is clear with e.g. the possibility to display different information in different stairwells, as well as the option to display the housing register in alphabetical order or per floor.

A simpler and more user-friendly information board
All information displayed in the digital information board is easily entered via any computer. No one needs to sit with their finger on the “Enter” button to get information, instead you schedule the information to be displayed and can thus always keep it up to date and updated.

From information board to booking the laundry room with a “blip”
The information board has a presence sensor with energy saving mode that lights up and shows information such as a housing register as soon as someone approaches it. To get to the booking, you just “blip” with the tile towards the built-in reader.


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